Canada CRM

The Canada CRM consists of sales and operations domain functionality which starts with a well illustrated login. The login takes the user either to the sales functionality or the operations functionality. This development is decided by the user name allocated to the user. The sales page describes the complete list of leads in the database. In this section the user can add, modify or edit any particular prospect. The current list of leads in the database is developed by keying in details of the lead from the history form filled by the user. The information presented to the system will in turn facilitate a list of distinct colleges as per the combination of academic details of the lead.

The preferences provided by the lead are also included as a parameter for the search criteria. Afterwards, the sales executive will forward a well defined set of colleges to the lead. Based on the follow up of the lead the sales executive will categorize that particular case with a defined priority and will also mark a follow up time. The lead will confirm his choice after the follow up and his unique case will be forwarded to operations team only after the payment of first consultancy fees.

The sales executive passes a case confirmed with respect to a lead just by clicking a “Transfer to Operations” button. An admin account will also receive this particular case and will hold all the permissions with respect to case. The moment this lead pops up on the primary page of the operations domain, the operations executive will fill the passport number and a customized email specifically made for the user. Once these details are stored in the database the lead is confirmed in full time client list of the organization. Furthermore, an account for official use will be created in the system with passport as a unique key. The dashboard of this account contains important sections with respect to the application of user, namely Application section, Document section and Recommended Colleges section. The dashboard comprises of an iterative list of steps which all formulate the application process. All these steps are marked are criteria which makes it mandatory for the operations executive to implement every step of the application process within defined timelines and also notify the lead regarding the status of the application. When the case is matured, which is defined by the completion of the visa process, the system will show the result in green.