What is included in your subscription?

  • 15000+ courses from the top colleges of Canada which includes all the upToDate details of the courses like Application fee, IELTS Requirement, Duration, Location, Province, Course Link. Along with your company name and official number.
  • Leads Management part of the software will help you to mature large number of leads in efficient and effective way.
  • SMS services is integrated in the software which helps in saving a lot of time by updating the customer at each process. Also by using the promotional message part of the software one can send bulk message to large number of customers.
  • SSL is also used which is a encryption technology that encrypts the connection between your webserver and web browser & thus protecting sensitive information, such as customer contact details and credit card details.
  • Student follow up is also included in the software which helps in identifying the hot and cold leads and define priorities accordingly.
  • Application management helps in tracking each application as per various courses and visa stages for each student.
  • Document management will help in managing documents for each student & will save large number of time.
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